Our Vision

Everything Indoors.


The physical world is getting ridiculously smart.

The last thirty years have given rise to new technologies, hardware and software applications… and these capabilities are now being implemented in full force in the real world built environment.

Every sensor, every transaction, every footstep… technology is radically changing how buildings are designed, operated and maintained.

The Indoor Guide is a way to make sense of it all and stay updated in this quickly changing market category.

In 2007 with several friends and my dad, I started Micello to map everything indoors. We became a leading content and software platform and worked with all kinds of buildings, all over the world. In early 2018, we successfully sold and integrated the business into HERE Technologies, the worlds largest mapping company. With HERE’s backing, Micello’s team, ecosystem and customer-base continued to grow and expand.

In early 2019, I decided, after over 10 years in thinking about building tech, to handover the Micello reins to our extraordinary team and explore the world with a fresh perspective. I'm launching Indoor Guide as a resource to stay aware and current of all the key companies, developments and news.

It’s also a way for me to stay connected to an industry and category that started my professional career. I love everything to do with building tech (or CRETech or Smart Buildings or Connected Buildings…).

Thank you for joining our new community. Please register with your email address and also request to join our private LinkedIn and Facebook group.

See you soon.


Ankit Agarwal
Founder, The Indoor Guide

Micello’s infamous “Thank You” signature wall. Can you find your autograph?

Micello’s infamous “Thank You” signature wall. Can you find your autograph?